Application form
2nd edition

Afrique Créative is an acceleration programme that aims to support the emergence of cultural and creative industries that create jobs, generate growth, and bring change.

To apply for the second edition of Creative Africa, please fill in this form.

The annexes to the form are the following:

Annexes 1 to 4 can be downloaded from the Afrique Créative website.
The annexes are to be uploaded at the end of this form. They are mandatory for the validation of your application.

Throughout the form, you have the possibility to save your answers before submitting your application.
All the information (rules, FAQ, selection criteria, modalities, stages of the programme, etc.) is available on the website www.afriquecreative.fr.
For further information, please contact us at: afrique.creative@africalia.be.

Submit your application BEFORE 23 MAY 2021.

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